Dragon Ingenuum Piercings provides proper legal PIERCING APPRENTICESHIPS.  

Dragon Ingenuus provides Piercing Apprenticeships following Ontario's Apprenticeship Employment standards and laws.


To be successful and professional in the Trade skill of Body Arts whether Tattooing or Piercing; you need to be professionally trainedLearning how to Tattoo or Pierce isn't as simple as learning from books or off the internet.  While these avenues are helpful to assist learning, in order to be professional and proficient as well, (in most every case), insurable - you must complete a legitmate Apprenticeship or Schooling instruction. 

While not every Artist or Studio wishes to provide or instruct potential Apprentices, we work very hard to provide this high level of instruction to an industry that requires very real training for a profession that has an incredible amount of stringent safety protocols, regulations and administration with regards to Public Health and Safety, Infection Prevention and Control.   Unfortunately, there are more  and more inexperienced people, who claim that they can Tattoo or Pierce people - from being self taught, and out of their homes, without official training, or certifications/inspections.  This is not only extremely illegal and dangerous, but in many cases it causes the contracting and spread of serious, life threatening or fatal diseases and injuries to unsuspecting people, including the untrained provider.  In these cases, Public Health Ontario is unaware of these services, and insurance companies can't insure them.  Innocent unsuspecting clients are often mislead into believing that they will be receiving a service from a person with proper training, experience and credentials.

There is absolultely zero reason to subject yourself or others to injuries, and serious legal implications!  Learn the right way.  Don't risk injury to yourself or others.  Dragon Ingenuus provides the proper training - when space is availableSometimes spaces are not immediately open and so you may find yourself waiting.  If you can't wait for us, find a professional studio that is willing to apprentice you.  You may be tempted to think that doing it on your own is quick and more affordable or free; but in the end it isn't - it can end up to be very costly if you're sued, and it's wrong.  Think about getting a Piercing that way.  (Quick & Cheap - usually ends up being exactly that and one that may likely come with health problems).


  • Because there are a lot of individuals wanting apprenticeships, like any other specialized training or trade school, (colleges or universties) there are costs involved.  These costs go directly to the education, training, time and most supplies.  Just like specialized schools, colleges and universities, we take and review applications for the position.
  • Note also that due to the ever rising number of people interested in learning these Trades, we are very selective in terms of who and when we apprentice. 
  • Like any other legitimate company with positions to offer, we also interview candidates and request a Resume, Portfolio, References and Police Check.
  • On occasion, we will post openings for apprenticeships on our Facebook Page and or on our site.  If you don't see a posting for an apprenticeship, you are certainly welcome to inquire at any time.
  • We train to legal current standards and laws for our Apprenticeships.  We also only do so, under a legal Apprenticeship Contract and a professional work environment.   We also maintain teaching the original origins of Piercings through the Apprenticeship.  We are entirely progressive with authenticity.  
  • Apprenticeship timeframes are not predictable.  Our program length can ranging variably, some under a year some more.   Each Apprenticeship (and length of) is customized to accommodate the individual.  Each person learns at their own pace.  APPRENTICESHIPS ARE NOT A RACE and neither is PIERCING.  We teach you to "walk" safely, before you "run".
  • Our Apprentices all learn from the very beginning - and this means, ALL the areas of the business (not just how to Pierce).  Examples are:  The administration fundamentals - how it runs, concepts, legally required paperwork and of course, professionalism.  Operational upkeep and maintaining of records, policies, practices and guidelines must be learned, along with certifications in Bloodborne Pathegeons & Infectious Diseases, Cleaining, Disinfection, Sanitizing and as well Sterilization.  The Apprentice will learn the difference between Reprocessing versus Fully Disposable Tools and Equipment AND so much more
  • A certificate is issued upon successful completion of all requirements for the Apprenticeship program.

A resume, police check are just the start.  More importantly however, a huge willingness and desire MUST be present for an apprenticeship.  We screen and select Apprentice candidates not simply because they have a desire or even great abilities, but realistically because they have a sharp and distinct keenness for self motivation and proficiency.   We do not chase people to "want" their Apprenticeship.  We provide the training only to those who can demonstrate their interest for the training within this kind of career.  Apprenticeships are not easy, and definitely not for everyone.  

Apprenticeships take time, they are not meant for anyone who wants/needs instant gratification.  It’s hard work and ultimately, it’s an investment in a Trade Education and your eventual career as a Professional Piercing Artist.  

Similar to a college or a university, we take applicants for the course, and we charge for the teaching time and apprenticeship.  We screen in the same way, and choose people who we feel want to learn and want the chance to work with an Elite level professional artist proficient in the techniques, skills and strategies of Tattooing.  We want to see people who are self motivated and do not need to be reminded that they are there to learn the career by getting everything possible out of their apprenticeship.  We don’t simply accept everyone and anyone, who wants and pays for an apprenticeship.  A true Apprenticeship generally, should not be easy to come by or be short in nature.  It should be provided by a place that involves actually Tattooing as a business, daily and ongoing and is a place you or anyone would you not question getting a service from.  Opositely, candidates looking to learn should be very concerned if the place providing the Apprenticeship is charging a lot and the "education/training" time is short.  If a program seems to only worry about taking your money; makes a lot of promises that can't be verified or confirmed; doesn’t have a selection process; or a mutal concern regarding what's best for both their business and your interests, then you should be very weary about the type of Apprenticeship you will be getting.    


Our Requirements:

  • The position is available.
    Please keep in mind, Piercing - in general, is not for everyone and subsequently, the Apprenticeships aren't either.
  • You need to be 18 years of age or older,
  • Free of any criminal charges or convictions,
  • Professional, proficient, motivated, team player, dedicated and creative (and though being an educated artist is not a requirement, it's definitely advantageous to have some artistic skills).
  • Able to meet the financial obligation.
  • NOT already attempting to Pierce from being self taught.  This is a definite NO NO.


Things to think about when considering a place to do and get an Apprenticeship:
  • Do they create a contract for both the Apprentice and as well the Business providing the Apprenticeship?
  • Do they have measures in place should the Mentoring Artist leave the business?  Will the apprenticeship continue if the Mentor leaves?
  • Is the Apprenticeship too short (which it should not be) or a generic or standard length of time (which it should not be) or is it customizable to the person learning?
  • Do they provide actual services that they are teaching at that business?  If not, why not?  (School setting versus Tattoo studio setting - know the pros and cons.)
  • Do they provide receipts for which you can claim on your Income Tax as a legitimate place of learning?
  • Have they been in business for a realistic period of time?  Do they have good reviews as a business?
  • Who are the players involved?  Are the Owners involved in the hiring process or Apprenticeship process and the Artist(s) who will be teaching?  Or is it just an Artist providing you “An Apprenticeship” that the company isn’t aware of?
  • Does the business run professionally?  Do they follow proper business laws, Apprenticeship laws and Operating Laws and Guidelines?  Do they follow Public Health Standards, Best Practices Guidelines and Safety Standards?  Do they have a good reputation?  These are all major tell tale warning signs for how your apprenticeship may go - if they do not.  
  • Are the costs for the Apprenticeship reasonable and do those costs make sense?  Apprenticeship costs can range anywhere from $0 (usually rare or are in trade for work services) to $10,000+.  Something in between is often considered average, and potential candidates should research more into the business if they are at either end of the cost spectrum or seem otherwise unrealistic.
  • How many Apprenticeships has the business AND/OR the Mentoring Artist taught or completed successfully?  Again, be weary if they are unable to provide information on how many they have actually done.  
All of these points and more, are important factors when looking for a place to apply for an Apprenticeship.  The consideration process for any Apprenticeship will fall to both sides when "choosing" to work with each other - a place to Apprentice under, and for the Business looking for an Apprenticeship candidate.  When any candidate is researching it is important to always be humble and respectful when looking to find the answers to these common concerns and reaching out for an apprenticeship.  Always remember - you are responsible for where you chose to go and also, to have done your homework before making the decision to apply and learn from them.  

One thing that must be said overall, Apprenticeship Learning environments are not for everyone.  Many individuals would love to work these industries because it "seems" cool and amazing.  But the truth of the matter is, many people who start, without taking the time to learn about the industry or how apprenticeships work, do not end up completing the Apprenticeship.  (Despite how amazing it is).  It takes TIME, DEVOTION, DEDICATION and most of all, PERSONAL SELF MOTIVATION.  The Body Art industry requires humbleness and many newcomers are prone to quickly loosing sight of that.  Apprenticeships require the individual to be motivated to achieve their desired outcomes.  Without those necessary expectations and traits, being selected for and then finishing an apprenticehip would be difficult.


We suggest that you research Apprenticeships if you are unsure of what they may entail or simply ask us.  We are happy to help explain the details.  There are some great references about Apprenticeships on the internet - we have provided you with some of the more legitimate ones here.  Don't be fooled by what you see on Television.  It can not be said enough:  Real Apprenticeships and hands on instruction take time and hard work as well as an incredible willingness to learn while remaining humble. 
Most importantly:  DO NOT attempt to self teach.  We are not looking for people who are or have been watching YouTube (or any type of videos/books) or have bought equipment or are already "trying it out".   When you agree to be Apprenticed, you agree to start and learn from scratch.  We simply are not looking to re-train or fix/eliminate previously acquired, incorrect training and or improper information.


For more information, please feel free to contact us by email or calling.

* But please take the time to read this helpful information including the links provided, before simply just asking questions.  Most answers to some of the more common general questions can be found above.


The Dragon Ingenuus Team