After contemplating for years, months, days or whatever time period it may have taken to get your Piercing, you've finally put the plan in motion and you’ve gotten it done!  This new body piercing needs to be properly cared for.   Once you walk out the door of any studio or event, the resulting care and the responsibility of that care lies with you, the recipient.
Dragon Ingenuus Piercings has provided you with a very specialized Aftercare document along with an explanation on how you should take care of the piercing(s).  However, we know first hand just how exciting it is to get a Piercing and we also know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment during and after getting the work done.  Aftercare information can get misplaced, and spoken instructions can be forgotten, so we've loaded the PDF right here, just for you.  

Feel free to click the link above and print your very own copy.  

Please note - It is extremely important that you understand, we ask that you follow the information provided by ONLY Team and not the advice of your friends or other "Googled" online aftercare sheets.  While there are many out there which may be similar, our information is created in association with and approved for use by the various Ontario Departments of Health.   

Please reach out to us directly if you have any concerns at all.